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Welcome to The International Reiki and Energy Healers Guild.

As a Reiki/Seichim Master, Kundalini Reiki Master and Healing Star Reiki Master I have found that trying to access membership to an organisation that does not have restrictions as to how you were attuned to Reiki  is almost impossible and the cost to join  some of these organisations  is quite expensive for the return  you receive for your money.

So in view of this I have decided to create my own Reiki and Energy Healers organisation that will accept all Reiki Practitioners, however you have been attuned.  Self attunement, distant/absent attunement or being present with your Reiki Master on a course, all are welcome.

The same applies to all other healers, whatever type of  healing you practice, spiritual, energy, crystal healing,  you are all welcome.  As a member you will receive a certificate of membership together with a copy of the Code of Conduct. 

The Code of Conduct can be seen in full under the link 'Code of Conduct'. It may seem to be long and complicated but most of the Code of Conduct is common sense. Your patients/clients will have more confidence in your abilities as a practitioner if they know you are a member of an organisation and that you follow a Code of Conduct. (Copy will be sent with certificate).

By becoming a member of the I.R.E.H.G. you are agreeing to abide by/follow the Code of Conduct at all times.

Lifetime membership is by donation and this is a one off payment. If you do not wish to donate or are unable to afford it, no worries. But I will still need to know your qualifications before a certificate and the Code of Conduct is issued. You can either use the Contact Me link to do this or enter you qualifications on your profile when you join the site. JOINING THE SITE DOES NOT ENTITLE YOU TO LIFE MEMBERSHIP. YOU ARE JUST JOINING THE SITE.  You will need to contact me and explain that you would like Life Membership by donation through the donation link. If you are not donating then use the CONTACT ME link to give me your qualifications

The certificate of membership,  will be sent to you  via email attachment. This will show your clients/patients that you are a member of an organisation. The Code of Conduct will also be sent to you via email attachment so make sure your email address is correct.

You will have access via this website to information on Reiki and other forms of energy healing through the 'Reiki and Insurance Website' link. 

Where to go for insurance. It is an absolute must to have insurance if you are treating members of the public and receiving a fee, even if it is only a donation or if you receive nothing at all.  If an accident occurs or an accusation is made you will need insurance to cover you. For the cover you get the premium is not expensive and it is better to be safe than sorry. Go to the 'Reiki and Insurance website' link.

There is information on  government guidelines, regarding Complementary Therapists. This is relevant  in the United Kingdom, but you will need to check out guidelines in you own country as they will vary.

There is also a section on books. Even if you are an experienced practitioner, I think you will find the books helpful and informative.


Follow me  at Reiki and Spiritual Healing where you will find loads of info on all things Reiki and Energy healing.









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